It is what it is.

Sometimes life does not go according to plan. At times, we get lost in the idea of perfection. The idea that life is just a one way street, one size fits all and of course, if it worked for her it will work for me.

Unfortunately as we may know by now. That is not the case.

So what now? Instead of trusting in your own plans. The ideal roadmap that sounds all perfect in your mind. Why don’t you just TRUST GOD? I know that this may sound difficult in the heat of pain, anguish and hurt. I hope that in the midst of that, you find strength, hope and faith in the Lord. It may feel like I am encouraging you, But I too needed to hear these words today. After all, Jeremiah 29;11 says that HE knows the plans He has for us. So how about you throw away that road map that you created for your life and throw yourself at HIM?

After all… His plans are not there to harm you but they are there to prosper you.

Stay blessed.

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