I think its time you give yourself a break.

There are personal love letters I often write to myself. Some that are introspective and some that are encouraging. I do believe that time taken out for yourself can help in your growth. It’s a time to refocus. A time to reflect. A time to tweak bits and pieces of yourself.

I quite often find that when I neglect who I am. Chase the deadlines. Chase the pleasing people mentality. I find myself drained and exhausted. The beauty in moments such as self-isolation is that there is time away from deadlines and any other pressure that life might offer you under normal circumstances.

You are probably exhausted at listening to your thoughts, but I encourage you to take time out. Take time to reflect. Take time to listen. Read a book. Connect with family.  

Yes! Even historic moments such as these can be blessings.

Treat yourself with that facial that’s been collecting dust in your cupboard. Change the colour of your nail polish. Whatever it is that helps you breathe. Do that. Its time to reconnect with yourself again.

Stay blessed.

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