Kinks and coils

About a week ago, it was the dreaded wash day. Any naturalist knows that this can take hours. From detangling, to conditioning to twist outs. It is a job and a half. During this wash day, your homegirl ran out of conditioner. Wash day without a good conditioner can only add to these frustrations. The lockdown also did not help. The last thing one wants to do is go to a store to buy some conditioner.

My detangling process was done but I was worried about the moisture that my hair needed and wouldn’t get.  So the going got tough and I pulled out about two spoons of mayo, an egg and some oil for a good old natural conditioner. I know it sounds sketchy but memory served me well of a pretty good conditioner that I had back in the day that contained mayo. So I put over this mayo concoction over my twist outs and waited for the results.

A quick rinse out after 20 minutes, revealed beautiful and moisturised kinks. My hair felt soft and nourished and my curls in my twist outs seemed to be popping. I was sceptical but after an entire week, I am convinced this is going to form part of my natural hair routine. My hair was feeling super dry before the treatment and now it looks and feels healthier.

If we get into the facts. Why would mayo be good for your hair? Hair mayo is a form of oil and can increase moisture which is great for curly and kinky haired girls. It helps with hair growth and also reduces frizz. Eggs help with hair growth, reduces hair loss and repairs damaged hair. This all natural conditioner is inexpensive which is incredible as some of these natural hair products are known to break the bank.

I hope this review was insightful. Here’s to happier hair and wash days!

Stay blessed.

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