Its been a couple of weeks since we have engaged with one another. I think it was time I took my own advice and took a break. I hope you understand.

Ever heard of the saying that if you hold onto unforgiveness its like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I have heard this a countless amount of times. I mean its so true but so much emphasis is placed on it that we end up letting the other person go by forgiving them. Yet, we never heal from the emotional trauma and pain that came from that experience.

So today, its time we talk about the power of confession. It is incredibly healing. Before we begin, only confess to someone you trust. It could be a close friend or a home cell leader. Okay…Let’s get started it…

Take for instance that you have caught feelings for someone. You wanna say something but like me… Fear has held you back because you are afraid of being rejected. So you burn. Sure, there is a chance of rejection, but you have suffered long enough and you decide to confess.  Unfortunately, things don’t turn out well and you get rejected.

The rejection comes with pain and hurt, you may have to mourn at some of the hopes and dreams that will probably not come true. It’s a sad story but what you may not realise is the amount of freedom you are about to experience. Like most people, you finally accept it all and decide to move on with your life. Months turn into years and now..

You can finally breathe again…

Note that all of this would not have happened if you never opened up your heart and confessed your undying love for that person.

So often rejection, fear and shame stops us from confessing past shame or current habits that may not be so glamorous. We live in the guilt of the past never fully being able to move on. I promise you though…After confessing, there is a sense of freedom that comes after it. The freedom comes in the form of finally being able to move on with your life.

So take that first step when you are ready to. It may be time to confess to a dear friend about a crush you may have, trauma you may have experienced or even habits that bring shame. Remember, it will be freeing and you can finally move on.

Stay blessed.

On The Wings Of Freedom – Birds Flying And Broken Chains – Charge Concept

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