The comparison culture

I remember about five years ago, I decided to quit Instagram. In my 17 year old mind, I was tired of scrolling down and constantly comparing myself to all these pictures of absolutely beautiful young girls. It not only affected my self esteem. It affected who I had wanted to be. It was as if I had forgotten about me and looked more toward them. At such a fragile age, I knew this whole Instagram is life lifestyle was not suited for me. So I quit and left only to return about a year ago.

I am 22 years old now and perhaps that comparison culture may not affect me in that exact same way. It may come in various forms. It is in the:

“She wants to climb the corporate ladder. Why dont you?”

“You are at a stage were you should be thinking about getting married.”

"She built her mom a house at 22. Why cant you?"
"Mara why aren't you into fitness as much as she is?"

It is in the subtle, “People at your age.” I wont lie. This kind of comparison is not as easy as deleting your Instagram and resurfacing after four years when you know you are ready to. It is so difficult as it is in our everyday lives.

The sad thing about this culture is that it eats your joy as you look down on your own achievements as they may not be as “on brand enough for a 22 year old”. It makes you lose the spirit of being grateful because once those words are spoken over you. It is hard to see the greatness that is in you.

How do we overcome it?

I don’t have the secret to this dilemma as I too am learning. I do however think that protecting your peace should be prioritised. This could come in the form of cutting friends who make you feel bad about your goals or if that’s too difficult… It may be time you grow a thick skin and remind yourself that Gods plans are way better than what others think.

After all…You were born different.

Stay blessed.

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