Growing pains

Its been a difficult couple of weeks. My perfectionist self cannot handle the fact that I may not be up to standard in certain areas. Criticism in those weak areas has also not been easy to receive. There were points where I questioned whether I would be able to conquer certain challenges.

I AM NOT THERE YET… One thing I have realised is that growth often requires pain.

I imagine a seed in the ground. In darkness. In a stage where much is unknown and the future is uncertain. Or a dark tunnel where I am right in the middle of being too far from the beginning and too near to the end.

Stuck in the hope of things are changing or will things even change. It is in these moments where one must reflect on how far one has come. It is in these moments where one must reflect on WHY you started.

I must admit, I am a working progress, but I am learning to look, admire and cherish the work it took to get to the current state I am in.

Not only am I proud but I am truly in awe. At the end of the day…Little progress is still progress. That is the one thing that is keeping me going.

Stay blessed.

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