The elephant in the room.

I am normally the girl that’s pretty ignorant to the issues of the world. The most obvious example is the current pandemic. Once the lockdown was implemented, it finally hit me that this is more serious than I thought.

This past couple of weeks have been incredibly difficult for me. The weeks that have passed have put me in the awkwardest position because at times… I just don’t know how to react as a Christian. Is it okay to be angry, hurt and confused?

Welcome to 2020 the elephant in the room…

I still don’t know how to navigate the anger I feel at times. I still don’t know if it is okay for me to feel this way about the politics of my country and the politics of the world. It often feels like a heavy burden. It often feels so wrong for me to feel… To be angry. To question God in trying times such as these.

The normal Khethi would have probably treaded lightly around issues of race, gender-based violence and inequality. Yet the burden for me has become extremely difficult to carry. I haven’t figured out how to deal with it but I have received a prompting to begin by praying about the injustices of this world. Do I believe prayer alone can fix this?


Imagine someone telling you that they are hungry, and you respond with a, “I will pray for you.” When you know very well that you have got a pantry full of food.

I do believe my role as a Christian needs to go beyond I will pray for you and more of how I can be part of the change. How do I treat others better? How do I play a role in being an aunt to a nine-year-old nephew? How do I teach him how to treat women? How do I address issues of race in my world?

I guess it is a difficult transition for me as I have always been quiet as a mouse or more of the shhh… You can’t have this conversation. I am now learning that growing into a woman may require a little bit more vocality. Especially for those who may not be able to speak.

Stay blessed.

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