How do I love without being hurtful?

Growing up I always held back on being honest about how I truly feel. I always thought that if I was ever truthful to someone about how they made me feel it would end up hurting them. I thought it would make me a mean person and unlikable to a certain degree.

I am learning that any relationship requires honest and transparent communication. Any relationship requires a certain degree of truth and that a lack of truth would not help a relationship flourish and grow into its full capacity.

Truth is not mean and love is not dishonest. They are two sides of the same righteous agenda that longs for the spiritual warfare of another.”

I do however think that being truthful is not easy. It requires some safe space between two parties. It requires different parties with good motives towards one another. Otherwise the honesty will come across as hurtful and destroy instead of build.

So what now?

I guess the take away from this blog is to always be in relationships that allow you to be truthful and always find yourself in relationships where you are always ready to receive truth. Obviously the tone and the manner in which you deliver the truth matters. Truth not spoken in love ceases to be truth because it gets bent and twisted by other human agendas.

Remember…No one wants to feel attacked.

Stay blessed,

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