Utter outrage, sometimes pain and many times envy arises. Post after post. Video after video. It often becomes difficult to sort through the noise of everything especially on social media.

I was challenged by my Pastor to switch it all off and man… Wasn’t this empowering? I had no idea that in the mix and hustle of the noise that the world makes…There it’s is… A beautiful voice. One of direction. One of Peace. One of guidance. One of joy. He was there all along.

I mean I won’t say that I will always shut off the world but I do think it is necessary to do so. Every once in a while.

Some YouTubers I watch spoke of how when we are constantly going on our phones we are in a reactive state. Constantly reacting to a text message… To a point where it leaves you powerless. They emphasized the importance of tuning out once in a while just to become more proactive and take control of your life. But most importantly draw closer to God.

I won’t lie though… It’s always interesting to learn about peoples lives but it can often become toxic. This is why everything in life requires balance, discipline and self control.

Be careful what you feed your spirit. You might be inviting unwanted energies that are definitely not from God.

Stay blessed.

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