The imposter syndrome

This is known as a psychological pattern where an individual doubts their skills, talents and accomplishments and has an internalized fear of not belonging.


I honestly feel like this sometimes. I could be in a networking event, at the workplace or even in varsity where trust me when I say no one is doing anything to make me feel this way. Its just me. Its like this constant feeling that I may be out of place. That specific rooms are too big for a small girl like me or that man I just need to leave this place.

More often than not. I comfort these feelings with the reason that I may just be introverted. Yet deep down. Its the imposter syndrome.

The side affects of this baby is that you always feel the need to prove yourself by overexerting yourself. You often don’t forgive yourself for making mistakes because you don’t want to give people more reasons to remove you from a space that you initially did not even belong in.

I still fight these feelings everyday but the luckily the opposition has gotten way weaker. Saying positive affirmations really helps and reminding myself of Gods word has played an extremely important part in getting over this obstacle. I was at a women’s event in 2019 and I remember how this older sister explained how important it is to remind yourself that you are worth every space, every corner and every opportunity.

So as you start this week remind yourself that you are worth it.

Stay blessed.

You really are…

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