Allow yourself to make mistakes

I’ve always been a goody two shoes. I have always wanted the most perfect journey. Let’s say that the more things I do RIGHT. The better I feel about myself. Its a lot to base your entire worth on.. Isn’t it?

I remember when I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life…

I had set a standard for myself and wanted to achieve it but unfortunately that wasn’t the journey that I was set out to walk.  I beat myself up for months. Condemned myself for a year and a half. I literally could not find it in me to forgive myself. I had always set extremely high standards for myself that when I failed to achieve this. It broke me. It hurt me. It left me questioning my worth and whether any of this is worth it. 

Until this year, I finally learned to forgive myself. I finally learned that I too have a factory default. I don’t have to be perfect. It’s way too much of a stressful life to live. Worst part? It makes you lose focus of things that are actually going right in your life.

So when my mom and I were sitting under a tree last week. She uttered the words, “Mistakes happen but how you learn from it matters. “ 

I knew I needed to share this with you. ♥️

Stay blessed.

4 thoughts on “Allow yourself to make mistakes

  1. Mistakes are lessons and inevitable experiences… it’s part of life and we all need to learn to embrace it at all time.
    Wonderful article, this is my #motivationalmonday


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