We will get there…

Patience my love. Sounds better said then done.

Patience my love is what I would have told myself months ago when I was knee deep in trouble.

Anyone who knows me would probably tell you that I am as patient and understanding as they come. I wont lie to you though. Trying and testing times push you to a breaking point especially when you feel like you are the root cause of it.

How do you get out of the very space that you put yourself into? How do you stop playing the blame game when the one in the wrong is the reflection in the mirror?

At times it felt that the train of trouble that I got into was taking longer than it should to get to the destination. I am in awe of what times such as those do to you.

Hours felt like days. Days felt like months and months felt like years.

When you go through times that you feel like you were the root cause of it. It often pushes you into dark spaces. The one lesson I have learnt is to push through those failures and remind yourself that life is not perfect. Not everything will pan out the way you had hoped and that’s okay.

Just be patient with yourself. You still have a life ahead of you that will teach you many many more lessons.

Stay blessed.

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