Self acceptance is water to your soul.

Lwandile Lobi is a powerful and dynamic young woman. A mom, daughter, sister and friend. She literally juggles it all. She is a lover of God. A student at the University of Johannesburg and an absolutely amazing singer. I know for sure that you will truly take a lot from today’s blog.

As a young woman, what I have grown to learn is that what we struggle with the most is self-acceptance. We judge ourselves way before we are judged by other people. Moreover, we take everything that self-appointed spectators say about us, way too personally. We forget that the very same people that are judging us are flawed themselves. That judgemental trait that they carry so proudly is a flaw on its own.

Self-acceptance is not only about accepting your outer looks but accepting your inner self as well.

In first year of my B.Ed, in the module Educational studies, we learned a lot about the factors that contribute to a child’s developmental growth. One of them was background. In this topic, we learn about what shapes a child’s growth and what could be the possible hindrances for a child’s educational growth.

Parents have a lot to do with the shaping a child’s mind, particularly the environment they create for a child’s growth. Where am I going with this?

As young adults, we have an inner child that still needs to be nurtured and grown in order to be in alignment with the person that we actually want to be. We often hear people saying, “I have found myself”, “I’m happier with who I have become” and etc… NO, your inner child has grown.

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character”. With this scripture, I would like to remind everyone reading this post that who you will be when you are 40 depends who you allow around you when you are 20.

I would like to remind every young woman growing up that if you are not happy with yourself, no matter what everyone says about you. It will not make you happy. If you feel that you are over-weight, too skinny, have a bad dress sense or have bushy eyebrows, tiny lips, a big tummy then do something about it. Lose the weight, gain the weight, buy make up, do the liposuction, micro-blading, weekly facials. Whatever it is, do it my love. You’ll feel better about yourself, trust me.

My lovelies, I want you to remember one last thing. Self-inflicted pressure is suicide. It’s detrimental to our psych as well as our emotions which in turn messes up everything else about us. Our 20s are the most delicate and crucial years of our being. We either make or break ourselves. We find, and more often than not, lose ourselves to the unrealistic expectations that WE set for ourselves.

From my personal experience, sanity and peace are the most important things that one needs in order to get by in this life.

Self-acceptance is water to your soul.

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