Give grace daily

I am not big on the month of love or much of a celebrator of it. I honestly would prefer spending seven hours of full blown conversations over a dozen roses. It may be a love language thing but anyways..

I digress.

What I am however trying to bring to the table is the romanticised idea of love that makes us overlook the fragility of our partners.

I’m not a relationship expert. I don’t claim to be one but this perspective has been a game changer for me. It reminds me to not look at love selfishly as quite often it could be a game of what can I get? What needs of mine have not been fulfilled?

When you realise the fragility and imperfection of a human. You will be able to love your partner wholeheartedly but most importantly you will be able to give grace to your partner.

Your perspective changes to…This didn’t happen because he is probably tired or too overworked. He may have misunderstood me or perhaps I didn’t communicate well enough.

Remember to give grace to your partners because in the midst of your romanticised idea of love. Life is happening. It shouldn’t be an excuse to tolerate poor behavior but it can help manage expectations. Or better yet it could help you become a more understanding and wholesome partner.

Learn to give grace daily just as God gives grace to you.

Stay blessed.

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