This is my truth.

Ain’t nothing under the sun that is more incredible than walking in truth.

The world makes it sound like to walk in truth means to be all sorts of promiscuous. I have slowly realised that walking in your truth is way more deeper than committing a few promiscuous acts just to feel free in the moment.

I recently told a friend of mine something that I had never ever told anyone. My shoulders were straight. My head was unbowed. My voice didn’t stutter.

I simply stated truth. I simply stated a fact about me. For the first time ever I knew that something in me had changed. I had finally accepted my truth.

And it was the most freeing thing I had ever done. It was as if I finally had accepted my mistakes and supposed downfalls.

No room for pretense. No room for wearing a masquerade.

I must end this blog with a gentle reminder to walk in your truth. It is the most freeing thing ever. It’s letting go of shame. It’s letting go of past hurt.

Whatever that means for you. If that means telling someone something. Then do it.

If it means choosing a lifestyle that works for you. Then do it.

If it means defying everything that everyone had ever thought of you then do it.

Just do it.

Stay blessed.

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