Self confidence

To be free. Feel free. To be who you are. To be comfortable in your own skin is a lifetime journey.

According to studies done on the confidence of girls. It is said that the confidence of a girl drops lower than that of a guy by the time she hits 12 years old. After reaching that stage, the confidence gap begins to emerge between that of boys and girls during their teenage years.

Why did I bring this up?

To show you that if you are struggling with self confidence. It is a completely normal struggle. The only problem would be if you dwell and become comfortable in your low self confidence.

My battle with self confidence began when I turned 17. I found myself in the lowest place. I wanted to hide. I never wanted to be seen and I just never felt confident or beautiful enough.

I just felt that my body wasnt curvy enough. My booty wasnt big enough. I just wasnt pretty enough. And the minimum male attention I received just wasn’t helping at all.

I took a drastic decision of cutting my hair at that age. I wanted to learn what it felt like to love me for me. Without the pretty. Without the male attention. I just wanted to love me.

Even though I continued to struggle with self confidence during my varsity years. I have surely come a really long way.

There were moments I doubted my skillset and what I brought to a table. More often than not. I felt like an imposter in many spaces.

It took lots of awkward hellos. Pushing myself to be in spaces with people I barely knew. Speaking publicly. Positive affirmations. It was a literal push.

So.. If you are struggling with self confidence. I urge you to put yourself out there. Get into a journey of discovering who you truly are and trusting in your God given looks and talent.

Was a bit of a long blog wasnt it? But I hope it helps.

Stay blessed.

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