Body Image

For as long as time could tell, the history of a woman’s body was entrenched in the idea of how attractive and desirable she was to a man. It was the source of security. If she secured a husband. She was set for life.

And so… She set upon a journey of looking as desirable as she could be to the opposite sex. After all… Her body was the only way she could gain power over a man.

You can imagine how this thinking has affected women generations down the line. Our bodies essentially becoming the key source of our worth, our value and our wealth.

This sort of thinking isn’t as deeply entrenched in the modern day woman but as long as you find yourself in a social media space. Scroll after scroll…. You will find yourself comparing your body to thousands if not millions of women around the world. Toxic isn’t it?

According to Dr google, body image is known as how a woman sees her body and how attractive she feels. A woman could either have a positive body image or a negative body image. If you find yourself dangling in the negative body image space it could leave you feeling depressed, perhaps shy and see the emergence of eating disorders.

We have seen the history of the ideal body type change from century to century. From tight fitting corsets to mega thin’ models to a Kim Kardashian looking body.

How do we get past a negative body image?

If social media is the source of your negative body image. I suggest you work as hard as possible in changing your algorithm. Like pictures of woman who look like you. Curate your social media space and guard is as close as possible. If you are still struggling? Get off social media. It will do you some good.

Wake up every morning and remind yourself of how beautiful you are. Look at yourself in the mirror. Yes, in your nudity and admire your body for what it does for you. It carries your organs. It carries your soul. It carries your spirit.

I love playing God made you beautiful by Beyonce to remind myself that I am made in the image of God. Every. Single. Day.

If you haven’t noticed, you must move away from social affirmation towards self affirmation. This will help build your body image.

I hope you read this as a little love letter from me to you. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are deserving.

Stay blessed.

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