What makes you feel most loved?

I bet you’ve heard the world wide phenomenon. Or if you are in a relationship someone probably mentioned the statement.

“You must know your partners love languages. “

The love languages have taken the world by storm because they really help us identify what makes people feel loved but most importantly how we can identify that even though we don’t feel loved. Our partners, friends and family may be communicating love in a different language.

The sad thing about this phenomenon is that it places a lot of focus on other people loving on us. What if I told you that maybe its time you practice those love languages on yourself?

The minute I found this out. I realised there’s a whole world of loving on myself that I didn’t know existed.

Words of affirmation

Maybe it’s time you took out a journal and affirmed yourself of who you are. Or look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of how beautiful you are.

Acts of service

Maybe it’s time you cleaned up your space a bit. Organise and pack things away. You could also opt for taking care of your physical and dental health by doing regular check ups.

Receiving gifts

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go on a solocation or have been eyeing this really beautiful dress. It may be time for you to love on yourself and get on that plane.

Quality time

Prioritise your sleep or if you are like me reading a book or spending time alone is a must. Try to also not overextend your time.

Physical touch

Moisturising my skin really helps me feel so loved. Take a hot bath or book yourself to a spa.

If you couldn’t tell from the above my top love languages are physical touch and quality time. So you can imagine the amount of moisturising and reading that I do.

Now… It’s time you prioritise your love languages and love on yourself.

Stay blessed.

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