Year end fatigue

The year end blues. It comes with lots of exhaustion and this unexplainable inability to give it your last shot. I think its quite similar to running a race you know?

The last lap can be the most difficult…

How do you know you are dealing with year end fatigue?



Feeling unmotivated.

Feeling grumpy.

Firstly whether you are working or studying from home. The pandemic has had a major impact on our mental and emotional health. The lack of balance between work and personal life can still be something we are struggling with. The pandemic has clearly taught us how important our boundaries are.

This makes it so much important for us to recognise that weve been through a difficult year.

Go easy on yourself.

I’ve realised through tracking my cycle that it’s important for me to understand where I’m at so that I can go easy on myself.

Yes, you are feeling grumpy but that’s because it’s been a long year.

Yes, you are feeling fatigued. That’s because January to November is literally 11 months of 324 days of an entire 365 days.

It’s completely normal.

Now… if the opportunity of rest hasn’t yet presented itself. Look forward to the holiday season and the joys of finally unplugging.

Look at your upcoming schedule make sure you plan out rest days because sometimes family and friends can be exhausting.

May the year end fatigue teach you to be intentional about your holiday season.

Wishing you all the rest in the world.

Stay blessed.

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