The art of gift giving

I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely loving the holiday season content.

We cant talk about the holiday season without gift giving right? Here are a few tips to make you be a master gift giver:

1. Give by personality

I think this one is important. You’ve probably spent lots of time with this individual. If you’ve got a friend who loves travelling. Perhaps a leather handbag could be perfect for a friend. Or if your friend is like me who enjoys endless self care then a spa day would be perfect.

2. Give by observing

The perfect gift often lies in conversations. It’s the, “ I really wanna see Shaka Zulu’s play”.

Or the I really would love a piece of jewellery. Observation gifts are perfect because they let the other person feel and know that you are listening to every word and action they’ve made.

3. Give creatively

There’s nothing like a good DIY gift or even a picnic or something that comes from your hands. I think the time and the effort it takes to do something for someone makes a gift extra special.

4. Give your time

I’m a quality time person and sometimes spending time with someone can be a give so give it. I think the perfect example of this is going on an adventure or hiking with your friend. Conversations really help us bond with one another.

5. Give by personalisation

Oh these are my ultimate favourites. Handwritten letters, engraved necklaces or personalised notebooks. They just always make me feel special.

I hope the above helps you become a master gift giver.

Stay blessed.

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