What to expect for your first therapy session, therapy blues and more

I hope you’ve been loving these therapy conversations. I know I have. I’ve had many of you guys reach out to me about it and so I’d thought I’d share a few things I’ve learnt.

Your first therapy session will obviously be daunting but knowing what to expect will always help you ease the anxiety around it.

The first session is the therapist trying to get to know you. Your background and essentially trying to diagnose you and see where you may need assistance. In this time always expect questions around “why” you felt you needed therapy. Your family background and exploring who you are as a person.

If you are open to doing therapy you must be accountable to being open and transparent with your therapist. You must leave it all at the table. If you are open about your experiences. The more your therapist will be able to assist you and help you. So please accept the responsibility of openness.

There are tonnes of benefits to therapy but there is also what we call the therapy blues. The therapy blues is the emotional exhaustion that you get after exploring your feelings for a good hour. It can be exhausting and sometimes can leave you feeling sad and blue because there is so much to reflect on. That’s why it’s important to space out your therapy sessions to ensure you have sufficient time to reflect and process all that unpacking.

It was always important for me to have a therapist I can relate to. By this I mean. I am a black woman and I wanted to have a black therapist because I felt that I would be understood more and my experiences would be more relatable. Imagine trying to explain black tax to a white therapist. Excuse my ignorance.

I was blessed enough to find a therapist via a good Google search which I honestly believe it was directed by God. But if you aren’t too sure about who to go to. Always ask your friends who have done it. They can most likely recommend therapists to you or you can reach out to us on instagram.

I hope this blog helps you.

Stay blessed.

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