When there is no vision. The people perish.

An example of a vision board

I think the past two years have been quite daunting. There was this uncertainty that lingered in the air because of the pandemic. We were too afraid to dream. Too afraid to imagine anything because heck when you go from having huge goals on the 31 December to a lockdown that seemed like forever.

You become tooo afraid to dream.

When I was in highschool, I wrote down my goals for my life. Everything I wanted to achieve and looking backwards. Those things that where planted into my heart where achieved.

I guess I’m saying this to let you know that the people perish without a vision. If you don’t have a vision for your life. You could find yourself entertaining all sorts of company. You could find yourself not being intentional about the dreams that are in your life. You could miss opportunities that get you to your purpose.

And I get it… Sometimes starting to dream again can sound daunting but if you are Christian like me. Spending time in Gods presence,fasting and being intentional about Gods vision for your life. Sooner or later God will drop it in your heart.

Be patient.

If you already envisioned what your life will look like. Write it down. Write the vision down. This is where vision boards come in. Coming up with different pictures of Pinterest. Write it in your prayer journal. Pray over that vision. And sooner or later. The vision will come to pass.

I’ve been challenged by God to start dreaming again and it’s been amazing. I am being led to see visions for myself. I am led to see visions for my family. I am led to see visions for my career. I am led to see visions for my purpose.

These visions have an underlying purpose of spreading Gods love. This is something that the book a return to love has emphasised constantly.

So if you are afraid to dream again. I challenge you to look back at your old dreams and see how you are living in your answered prayers. Dream again. God won’t let you down.

Stay blessed.

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