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Being with him and being without him feels the same. It hurts!

What do you do in that situation? 🤔

Khelesam Response:


This is intense. I think it depends on what hurts you when you are with him? Is he unkind with his words? Does he make you feel unhappy? It really does depend on what way he hurts you.

I also think you can weigh your options. Is being without him more peaceful? Or do the benefits of being with him outweigh the hurt of no longer being with him.

I think it really does depend on why you also left him? Did you leave him because of the hurt? Because if that’s the case then it may have felt so large at a point in time.

Whatever decision you take remember that true love won’t let you go and sometimes staying away from them is way more hurtful to you.

Also I’d suggest writing a list of the pros and cons about him. All relationships have ups and downs. If the issues that hurt you are fundamental like his character, he’s family and his beliefs then walking away would be best.

I think the bottom line is this. Are you willing to feel what you felt when you were with him for the rest of your life. If the answer is No. then walk away. If the answer is yes. Then stay. ♥️

Whatever it is remember that you are always allowed to change your mind when it comes to him. There’s isn’t any pressure to permanently close doors. ♥️

Hope this response helps you figure things out.

Stay blessed. ♥️

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