Am I fitted for this crown?

Today’s blog post is written by an incredible young lady. A student and podcaster who loves to speak her mind. Incredibly wise and sound. Khelesam blogs appreciates you. ♥️

Every individual has a crown assigned to their name. God has ordained our thrones, baby! We are of royalty not just from any kingdom, but specifically from the kingdom of God.

Am I fitted for this crown? This question lingers in your mind a lot when you are not aware of the amount of potential that you have. We are all carrying a baby inside of us that needs to birthed in due time. Some of us are way overdue because we are afraid of letting go and allowing the Sovereign One to help carry what we have birthed. I had to find out the hard way that I have great potential it was just the fear of letting go.

I never really accepted the throne that God had set aside for me. I thought that I was not worthy…Believed the devil’s lies and all. The lies kept drawing from the source of power that initially was supposed to enlighten me and give strengthen me to keep, keeping on. I won’t even lie; the devil’s shameful lies can be a comforting place to dwell in. I found it so hard to remove those lies from my spirit. My spirit was tainted.

I needed God to do the impossible. I needed to remove myself from the bondage of self-pity, doubtfulness and constant worry. The baby inside me was way long due, I just didn’t want to push. The devil said it was not enough, but God said it’s time. Even if it wasn’t enough, it was time to allow him to carrying this potential, for him to nurture the baby even if I wasn’t ready. I needed to understand that the crown was designed and fitted for my head. I may have not been ready to put it on, but it was designed for me and only me. 

The potential instilled inside of me is great and unique, there is no other me. What I have to offer is rare and profound. I am fitted for this crown; it was a matter of acceptance. I need to accept the ideology that I was indeed of royalty. I am from the Kingdom of God. Whatever I have to offer is enough. I AM ENOUGH!

“Put that crown on, stand upright, because you are a QUEEN!” I needed to play this out until it became second nature. I needed to understand that God ordained my throne, meaning he is aware of how this will play out. I just needed put my fear aside and just trust Him.

By Rivoningo Mathye

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