To align. To be in alignment with purpose seems to be a journey that one must intentionally take.

I’ve had predetermined steps that I had to take to achieve what I needed to achieve and now that I am towards the end of that achievement. I really struggled for a while on what I would do next.

I don’t ever think I ever stopped and stared at myself and asked:

“What do I really want for myself? What is the goals that I set for myself? What am I truly passionate about?”

I think it’s important to ask yourself. What are my core values? It’s so easy to make decisions based on what everyone else around you wants for yourself.

This is where the conversation on alignment comes in. In this very moment, I want you to stop and ask yourself this question:

Are you aligned with the values that you have always wanted for yourself? Are you making decisions that are aligned with your purpose? Are you purposely taking steps towards living the life that God wants for you?

Aligning your steps to your God given mandate is always a tricky one. It sometimes will require you to take decisions that don’t look glamorous. That may not be grandiose or don’t look as hard working.

But I want to plead with you the importance of alignment. If you align yourself, you move with a level of ease because you would be doing what you were always meant to be doing.

Alignment comes with peace. Alignment comes with ease. Alignment comes with doing things from the centre of who God always wanted us to be.

Align yourself today as in that very place of alignment. Everything will just make sense.

Stay blessed.

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