Rock steady woman of faith!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been inspired by the women of the bible and how rooted in faith they were.

I’ve been extremely inspired by women I’ve seen and listened to who have been rooted in faith.

Each of the woman I’ve read about, listened to or carefully watched their actions all have one commonality. They see beyond their today. They are rooted in faith so much so that they see those things which are not as though they were.

The woman of faith is a woman who is rooted in living in the supernatural power of God. She is so focused on hearing the voice of God in her life that she doesn’t see any other path to take other than Gods.

A woman of faith prays over her family. She prays over her husband. She prays over her home.

And trust me… You don’t have to be married, given birth and having a family to do the above.

A woman of faith hears what her children’s names will be called even before they are born. A woman of faith isn’t afraid to take steps that will be shocking or unusual.

A woman of faith is secured in her identity. She is secured in who she is in God. She laughs without any fear of the future. She knows God knows it all and she finds comfort in that.

She seeks not the opinions of others when it comes to matters of the heart or her family matters. She trusts Gods final word over any area of her life.

A woman of faith lives and breathes what isn’t normal.

She is interested in breaking generational curses in her bloodline. She seeks to understand patterns so that they don’t repeat themselves.

A woman of faith makes an impact on her lineage and generations to come. I’d like to leave you with a quote from Bishop TD Jakes book called, “ When women pray”.

“You are making up the portrait of the unimaginable possibilities your descendants will deem attainable. Your childrens children will be influenced by their glimpse of your life and story. And so I advise you to allow the legacy of greatness to continue through you to reach others. In those inevitable moments of painful uncertainty, realise that all of these women in the bible are your sisters, your ancestral antiquities. Curate their stories, draw down their strength and keep it moving. “

Rock steady woman of faith!

Stay blessed.

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