The foundation of any society is the ability to communicate.

Communities were built on this.

Marriages thrive on this.

Friendships live on this.




Communication means the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium.

Oxford dictionary

We live in a society that is ego driven. That it is unfortunate that we have lost the art of listening and being quick at listening that is.

Perhaps it’s the boardroom culture we find ourselves in. The fear of looking like an idiot because someone could have an upper hand.

Or perhaps our inability to listen lies deeply within the insecurities of being vulnerable and owning up to a lot of our actions or inactions.

We have glorified the ability to speak quickly that half the time nobody ever listens to one another.

If you find yourself constantly speaking in defence. Perhaps it may be time to do a little introspection as to why you are always defending yourself and why you may be constantly putting yourself in environments that allow you to constantly have your guard up.

The art of communication lies in vulnerability. It lies in listening to hear not only what the person is saying. But listening to hear what is their intention.

If you are always in a space that encourages vulnerability. Not only will you be able to speak with vulnerability. You will be able to listen with vulnerability.


Because you understand that the words spoken to you not only come from a vulnerable place. They come from a place of love. A place that doesn’t have the intent to hurt you.

And once you look at communication in that manner. The game changes.

You are able to listen objectively. You are able to listen to actually hear. And not listen to tear apart another persons argument because it stands to correct or attack what you have built your argument on.

Be curious as to why someone expresses themselves in a specific way. Be curious as to why words are expressed that way. Be curious as to why someone holds certain points.

They aren’t there to kill you.

They aren’t there to tear you apart.

They are there to grow your viewpoints or even grow the relationship itself.

Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

Very slow to speak.

Stay blessed.

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