The world needed you, woman.

I’ve been deeply impacted by the books I’ve been reading. My thoughts and views on biblical womanhood have been immensely impacted.

I don’t know about you but I’ve felt lost. Lost in this world of masculinity and constantly doubting if I am enough.

Or even doubting whether I could be “too much”. There were many times I doubted my role in this world. Many instances I doubted my contribution to this world and the impact I play in peoples lives.

During creation, God created the heavens and the earth.

HE created the sky.

HE created the sea.

HE created the majestic creatures we see.

HE even created man.

Have you ever stopped and looked out how incredible creation is?

Animals at a zoo.

Wild animals during game drives.

Or deeply stared at the vastness and beauty of the ocean?

And inspite of all of this.




“Something is missing”.

God said it boldly and loudly.

“It is not good for a man to be alone”.

After creating the majestic and beautiful creation? HE still felt that something is missing?

The world needed you woman.

I dare you.

In fact I challenge this morning to look outside the window. Stare at the beauty of creation and let it hit you like a tonne of bricks that,

You, woman are what ties in creation. You are the essence of what was missing. Inspite of the vastness and beauty of creation God saw that HE needed you.

HE needed you to tie it all in and that this world wouldn’t be okay without you.

A part of Gods image was missing. The kindness, the softness and the ability to create an atmosphere of healing was needed.

So if like me you felt lost, confused and unsure if this world has ever needed you. This blog post is for you.

Despite the vastness of creation. Abba still needed you. You are needed.

Stay blessed.

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