Things are no longer the same

There are always life changing moves you must make.

When taking the next step…

Sometimes the past gripples you and keeps you in one spot for a very long time.

Sometimes the past keeps you in shackles.

Sometimes the past paralyses you in fear. Sometimes we are afraid of taking the next step because;

“The future won’t be as good as what it used to be”

Today I am learning to busk in new beginnings.

Normally when a storm passes it’s so easy to be afraid of accepting the new conditions of the weather.

Fear of rain. Fear of the cold. Fear of storms still cripple you into believing that you can’t take of your rain boots and coat because,

“What if it might rain again?”

Today I want to encourage you to celebrate the new.

Rejoice in the former pain that brings you here.

Although the pain and the hurt of the past hurt you like a tonne of bricks. The newness of God calls you to newer beginnings.

Just be careful that you don’t bring former habits, traumas and pain in your glorious new beginnings.

You might end up stuck again and stop your self from fully experiencing Gods blessing over your life.

Stay blessed.

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