Take back your power

I don’t know about you but I struggled immensely with the idea of stepping into my own.

I struggled with trusting myself.

Trusting that I was good enough.

Trusting that I was capable enough.

I would often sink into a deep hole within myself.

Or pray…

That I would disappear into thin air because of how uncomfortable I was with the idea of not knowing who I was.

There’s something about pain that builds character. It opens up the doors to new discoveries of who you are as a woman.

It’s unfortunate that sometimes in order for you to truly take back your power.

An eat, pray and love journey is an absolute necessity.

A period of isolation. A period of pain. A period of anguish is the playground for character building and self discovery.

Sometimes spending some time in Gods word to truly understand who you are is necessary.

I think what we often underestimate is the power that Gods word has to reflect who we truly are and what we truly are capable of.

So, if you are like the old me.

Unsure of herself.

Unsure of her purpose.

Unsure of her contribution to this world.

I challenge you to take back your power by opening up Gods word.

By isolating yourself.

By embarking on an eat, pray and love journey.

Stay blessed. ♥️

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