Change and transition is inevitable

I recall a time in the bible when Jesus sweated blood in the garden of Gethsemane Quite aware of what was coming. Jesus really asked God to,

“Father if you are willing, remove this cup from me”

-Luke 22:42

And sometimes transition or change can feel just as scary. Life in its nature is forever changing and I would like to believe the more we entertain that thought. The better we will be when things either don’t go our way or we are expected to adjust and change to a new role that we have been handed over.

I for one have been feeling fearful at whether I will have the ability to handle this new change in my life. I for one am fearful that I may not be able to show up to the moment.

And to be honest with you…

This fear can sink in even when it’s things you’ve prayed for. Does

“God can I handle this blessing?”

“God, Can I handle this change?”

Sound familiar to you?

If those thoughts do then…

It’s normal.

It’s okay.

It’s the same thoughts that probably went through Christs mind in the garden too.

What isn’t okay about those thoughts is allowing then to make you feel stuck and not dance with the transition that’s about to take place.

You are on the brink of discovering yourself in a whole new light.

Own the moment.

Make the move.

Even if fear knocks at the door begging for you to listen to the thoughts of choosing to stay paralysed in it.

Stay blessed.

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