Believe in the magic of the season.

Have you ever paused?

No like really paused…

And breathed in the fear that came with the newness of the life path that’s been rolled right in front of you.

And so you sit…

You sit and simmer in the guilt of the fear of just being fearful.


“Why am I so scared of the idea of the pure bliss and goodness of God?”

I think it comes with the unhealed traumas or the fear that something bad will happen so you’d rather not breathe in the newness.

Or celebrate the journey that has been laid in front of you.

It’s hard.

It can be really hard because,

“It sounds way too good to be true”.

So you sit.

You sit and simmer in fear.

You sit and simmer in the fear that you might get disappointed again.

This blog post is dedicated to the people that have been tossed into a completely new and beautiful journey.

The sun has finally risen but the fear of the midnight still holds you back from genuinely celebrating you.

This blog post is for you.



Take the beauty of morning sunrise in.

It’s time you put aside the fear and truly be present in the now.

You don’t want to look back and regret not simmering in this very moment.

Believe in the magic of this season.

Stay blessed.

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