We all would ultimately love for our prayers to be answered.

We all would love for all our hearts wishes to come true.

And if you are one to manifest. You wish that all you have set your mind too will come to pass.

What no one seems to talk about is the guilt and the fear of losing it all when God finally gives you the green light to all the desires of your heart.

The sudden fear that comes with knowing you may not be good enough or prepared enough for this new blessing.

The fear that all of the answers would be to good to be true and suddenly vanish right before your eyes.

Or even merely questioning whether you are deserving of any of those blessings.

If you, like me find yourself in this place. I beg you in fact I plead with you to remember that,

“No good thing does God withhold from those He loves”.

Affirm yourself that;

I hope this centres you each time fear settles in.

Stay blessed.

Happy women’s day!

Our struggles may look a little different from what the women in 1956 faced. I however hope that we all women draw on the strength, the boldness and the zeal to fight for what we truly want.

May those who came before us remind us that we too are capable.

That we are capable of making moves that can have multi- generational impact.

Stay blessed.

How are you receiving me?

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Matthew 23:37-40

I think part of showing love to others is understanding the impact you have on those who love you.

Albert Einstein once said that for every action there is a reaction.

Sometimes…. The reason why someone is shutting down is because of how you may approach disagreements or conflicts.

Sometimes… The reason why you brought a smile to your best friends face is because of how you listened in love.

In a world that teaches us to lack empathy and reject those who don’t bring us peace.

In a world that teaches us to avoid all forms of conflict resolution techniques because,

“They are the problem and not you”.

It’s very easy to lose out on impactful relationships because we struggle to ask our loved ones,

“How are you receiving me?”

This morning, my hope is you ask that question to those who you love and hope to be better them.

It’s a beautiful question to improve yourself so that you can leave a better and bigger impact on someone’s life.

It’s showing love to your neighbour.

Stay blessed.

Believe in the magic of the season.

Have you ever paused?

No like really paused…

And breathed in the fear that came with the newness of the life path that’s been rolled right in front of you.

And so you sit…

You sit and simmer in the guilt of the fear of just being fearful.


“Why am I so scared of the idea of the pure bliss and goodness of God?”

I think it comes with the unhealed traumas or the fear that something bad will happen so you’d rather not breathe in the newness.

Or celebrate the journey that has been laid in front of you.

It’s hard.

It can be really hard because,

“It sounds way too good to be true”.

So you sit.

You sit and simmer in fear.

You sit and simmer in the fear that you might get disappointed again.

This blog post is dedicated to the people that have been tossed into a completely new and beautiful journey.

The sun has finally risen but the fear of the midnight still holds you back from genuinely celebrating you.

This blog post is for you.



Take the beauty of morning sunrise in.

It’s time you put aside the fear and truly be present in the now.

You don’t want to look back and regret not simmering in this very moment.

Believe in the magic of this season.

Stay blessed.

Change and transition is inevitable

I recall a time in the bible when Jesus sweated blood in the garden of Gethsemane Quite aware of what was coming. Jesus really asked God to,

“Father if you are willing, remove this cup from me”

-Luke 22:42

And sometimes transition or change can feel just as scary. Life in its nature is forever changing and I would like to believe the more we entertain that thought. The better we will be when things either don’t go our way or we are expected to adjust and change to a new role that we have been handed over.

I for one have been feeling fearful at whether I will have the ability to handle this new change in my life. I for one am fearful that I may not be able to show up to the moment.

And to be honest with you…

This fear can sink in even when it’s things you’ve prayed for. Does

“God can I handle this blessing?”

“God, Can I handle this change?”

Sound familiar to you?

If those thoughts do then…

It’s normal.

It’s okay.

It’s the same thoughts that probably went through Christs mind in the garden too.

What isn’t okay about those thoughts is allowing then to make you feel stuck and not dance with the transition that’s about to take place.

You are on the brink of discovering yourself in a whole new light.

Own the moment.

Make the move.

Even if fear knocks at the door begging for you to listen to the thoughts of choosing to stay paralysed in it.

Stay blessed.

Take back your power

I don’t know about you but I struggled immensely with the idea of stepping into my own.

I struggled with trusting myself.

Trusting that I was good enough.

Trusting that I was capable enough.

I would often sink into a deep hole within myself.

Or pray…

That I would disappear into thin air because of how uncomfortable I was with the idea of not knowing who I was.

There’s something about pain that builds character. It opens up the doors to new discoveries of who you are as a woman.

It’s unfortunate that sometimes in order for you to truly take back your power.

An eat, pray and love journey is an absolute necessity.

A period of isolation. A period of pain. A period of anguish is the playground for character building and self discovery.

Sometimes spending some time in Gods word to truly understand who you are is necessary.

I think what we often underestimate is the power that Gods word has to reflect who we truly are and what we truly are capable of.

So, if you are like the old me.

Unsure of herself.

Unsure of her purpose.

Unsure of her contribution to this world.

I challenge you to take back your power by opening up Gods word.

By isolating yourself.

By embarking on an eat, pray and love journey.

Stay blessed. ♥️

Things are no longer the same

There are always life changing moves you must make.

When taking the next step…

Sometimes the past gripples you and keeps you in one spot for a very long time.

Sometimes the past keeps you in shackles.

Sometimes the past paralyses you in fear. Sometimes we are afraid of taking the next step because;

“The future won’t be as good as what it used to be”

Today I am learning to busk in new beginnings.

Normally when a storm passes it’s so easy to be afraid of accepting the new conditions of the weather.

Fear of rain. Fear of the cold. Fear of storms still cripple you into believing that you can’t take of your rain boots and coat because,

“What if it might rain again?”

Today I want to encourage you to celebrate the new.

Rejoice in the former pain that brings you here.

Although the pain and the hurt of the past hurt you like a tonne of bricks. The newness of God calls you to newer beginnings.

Just be careful that you don’t bring former habits, traumas and pain in your glorious new beginnings.

You might end up stuck again and stop your self from fully experiencing Gods blessing over your life.

Stay blessed.

That’s not enough for me.

I don’t know what it is but the need to speak out can be rather difficult for me.

It could be the imposter syndrome that occasionally rears it’s ugly head reminding me to beg for space in the workplace or friendships or any human interaction I make.

The need to speak up gets silenced by the voice that scares you into believing that the more you speak out. The more you would be chased out of rooms or relationships that you feel you don’t deserve.

Funny enough…

The more you suppress your emotions and desires and longings. You suppress an opportunity to show people how to treat you. To finally find yourself in a table with a room filled with those who want to take care of your desires and longings.

One tends to realise that the failure to speak out can also result in resentment towards those who you hope will love you. It results in this unspoken clause that “I will work hard to be loved by you” and go as deep as not ruffling any feathers. It goes as deep as wearing shoes that are two sizes too small for you. It goes as far as withholding yourself.

This blog post serves as a love letter to voice out how you feel. If you were meant to sit at a table. It is your hard work, your diligence and your mind that has brought you to that table.

You are worthy and deserving of the seat on the table and it is okay to express that you aren’t happy with the quality of the meal you are being served. It is okay to say,

“That’s not enough for me”

Stay blessed.

A fragment of my imagination

Sometimes I wish you were a fragment of my imagination.

I sometimes wished they were memories I could erase. Thoughts I didn’t have to think deeply off.

Words you never said. Dreams we never shared.

I sometimes wish you were a fragment of my imagination.

Hours I wished we never spent together.

Tears I wish we never had to cry.

Moments I wished we never shared.

Kisses that we never have to remember.

I sometimes wish you were a fragment of my imagination…

But you are not.

You existed.

You still exist.

The love of my life.

The bane of my existence.

I sometimes wish you were a fragment of my imagination.