The terms of the contract might have changed…

I think 2020 was a lot. It came with valleys and war zones. With each valley and war zone I learnt invaluable lessons. I think it’s time you revisit the terms and conditions of your contracts.

The contracts in this context is your relationships. They do not have to be romantic in any shape or form. It could be your close friends, best friends or even work pals.

We often find ourselves in spaces where we are stuck. Stuck in the idea of what we thought the friendship would be like or what the terms and conditions were at the beginning.

A failure to revisit the terms may result in you staying in a friendship that may no longer be what you had agreed to initially.

This unfortunately does an injustice to your being and if you are a people pleaser like me you could ride this wave out and betray yourself.

I am in no way encouraging cancel culture. I am however in every way encouraging surrounding yourself with fruitful and peaceful relationships.

Stay blessed.

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