The Soft life

Lebohang Motshele is an entire powerhouse. Blogger and podcaster. She aims to speak life into peoples lives. She is a mom and source of strength to many around her. Do listen to her podcasts on Spotify and read her blogs on WordPress. They will make you ponder on life and make changes to your own as you relate to every story she tells. I know you will enjoy this blog.

Being introduced to this notion I wondered what the idea behind a “soft life” means to me. I mean is it working 12 hours a day and conditioning your mind to work hard to have a good life? Is it posting that one day when you go to a fancy restaurant and make everyone believe this is your life? Isn’t life the day to day experience of your existence?

Well soon after that I heard “Life is hard” and “just because I carry it well, doesn’t mean it’s not heavy” again I wondered does this mean we are to subject ourselves to emotional and psychological abuse on a daily while we portray a soft life? Good gracious I thought to myself – Living in a society of soldier on and believing that life is hard is the worst place i would choose to raise a gentle soul like mine.

I am the type of girl that wants to cry over everything. I don’t like acting strong, I follow my heart even to the dumbest of places. I want to live in an environment that says it’s okay to put it down when it gets heavy. Growing into being an adult I’ve learnt I don’t want to toughen up, soldier on or catch flights over feelings. I’ve learnt that gentle souls are beautiful. Comfortability and vulnerability in the right environment are the most important things for us to be able to live a “soft life”. Have mercy on yourself, we’re living in a time when what matters is the condition of your heart over the condition of your lifestyle. A good life doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is a good heart. There’s no champagne to help us like one another at this point. Be gentle be kind.

Love and light

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