It’s a slippery slope of all sorts of weirdness when it comes to this topic. I understand why this was the most requested topic. It’s a very difficult conversation to have.

I have had to realise that in order for any relationship to thrive boundaries are absolutely necessary.

Ive been through the biggest change of my life. It required extreme boundaries. It was a scary undertaking to make because I never ever wanna hurt anyone I love in my life.

I think it’s always difficult to identify when boundaries are needed but if you begin to feel emotionally exhausted. If you begin to feel to feel like you no longer choose what to do you in your life. It may be time to set a boundary.

The level of boundaries you set differs from relationship to relationship. Some relationships require extreme boundaries. I.e we cannot communicate or we can only exchange a limited amount of communication until we are emotionally ready to start again.

Some relationships require less harsh boundaries. I.e We cannot talk after a specific time.

And then there are boundaries that are set from time to time. I.e I cannot engage in a conversation with you if you will continue to talk to me in that way.

Whatever boundary you set whether emotional boundaries, time boundaries, physical boundaries or topic boundaries. Each boundary is little pack of self care.

I still struggle with setting boundaries because I love to make people happy. But I’ve slowly realised that if you want to have successful relationships in whatever sphere. They are an absolute necessity.

So if you are going through a period of setting boundaries. Don’t feel bad at all. Sometimes you need to protect yourself from hurt or pain.

Stay blessed.

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