Eat Pray Love

“My eat pray and love period has been absolutely amazing. I have laughed. I have deeply cried but more than anything. I’ve found a new sense of life. “

Khethiwe Sibuyi

If you’ve ever watched the movie eat pray and love of which I’m hoping you haven’t. Because I haven’t either.

You would at some point in your life had come across the overarching theme of the movie. A journey of a woman who essentially risks it all in the hopes that she will discover herself.

By risk it all. I mean leave everything she’s ever loved and known to travel to Italy, Bali and Indonesia to discover herself again.

I think the world at times makes the eat pray and love period sound so freeing.

Chillllddd. I have never cried like that in my whole life.

I have never sat back and appreciated the joy of hearing my laughter. I swear… The scripture “she laughs without any fear” has never felt so alive. It’s never felt so real to me.

More than anything… I have learnt to love who I am again. Beyond being a sister. Beyond being a daughter. Beyond being a friend.

When a wonderful sister of mine Lebohang Motshele commented,

“My eat, pray and love period changed my entire life and I honestly wish this period for every female. “

I knew I had to share this on a blog post.

Stay blessed.

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