Khelesam Confessions

Today’s Khelesam confession is on the thoughts of an expecting mama. If you would like to share your confession email us on to share your story with us.

Discussing the struggles of young woman I hope I am not too far off to raise the topic of child bearing, I believe this is a fundamental part of every woman and no matter how many times you’ve done it I’ve learnt that the experiences are different but the fears remain the same.
I’m happy that the topic of postnatal depression has become so broadly spoken about and moms no longer have to feel out of place when the feeling of resentment towards their new role come to light, I’m glad we’ve made it okay to say today I’m not okay, I’m not okay to be a mother (even though it doesn’t come with a day off) I’m not okay please lend a hand. I’m grateful that not coping has become normal.

Now where is the struggle you may ask.. as I’m writing this I’m in my last trimester and I’m having a very familiar friend visiting me again Prenatal depression (the depression relating to or caused by pregnancy)uncommon and rarely spoken about because we all believe that a preggy mama is happy, all smiles and can’t wait to meet the baby. However the last stretch of pregnancy can get very depressing because you can’t function as your normal self, friendships tend to sink either because of your mood swings or because you’re too tired to do anything with friends as if this is not enough what I’ve learned as I call her a familiar friend is that the last month before birth is the hardest, the questions of am I gonna make it out alive, will my baby make it out alive, what about disabilities and special needs, yes I can’t wait for this human being but how far can I go with preparing for them because honestly with everything we read about waiting and preparing when we don’t even know what tomorrow holds is so scary.

I had these moments with my first child and I’m having them again, as a Christian young woman I believe in prayer and the will of God but one thing I struggle with is praying during this time because I want to request for everything to be perfect and as I end that very same prayer I’m supposed to say Lord your will be done for our lives.. how!? when we know God’s will can be the most painful thing sometimes, God teaches through the most painful ways sometimes. This is my struggle uncertainty, should we prepare, should we wait for you to be born and come home safely, should we even be celebrating with baby showers and photoshoots? oh how daunting it is to carry the crown of being a woman

Khelesam confessions

2 thoughts on “Khelesam Confessions

  1. Ohh my goodness… Did God visit you and tell you that I need this?
    Because wow, I am currently nearing the end of my second trimester and the fears have started creeping in. From wondering if they are kicking enough to worries about my appearance and emotions affecting my work relationships as well as whether I am eating enough and and right.

    In some communities and family the concept of depression is still very much misunderstood, let alone pre and post natal. I remember discussing with my aunt how I will need a full time nanny and still have someone to help around the house because some days I know I wont be able to show up for myself, let alone my family and baby, you could tell she was not understanding and was afraid to even ask.

    We really can only trust the Almighty, who saw it fit to give us this blessing and deemed us worthy to carry, deliver and guide this soul for their entire lives.

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    1. I’m so touched that this impacted you mama. ♥️ I’ve shared this with the author as well. Thank you for your kind words as well. I know that other mama’s out there will be impacted by your beautiful words. Here’s to raising awareness on pre and post natal depression. ♥️

      Sending you love. ♥️

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