To hurt others is to hurt yourself.

Part 4 of our month series is on hurting others. This is the last blog post for the month of love. We hope you enjoyed the lessons learnt in the journey of loving others.

We end of this beautiful month of love with a friendly reminder of how important it is to show love to others.

The overarching biblical principle in this blog post is to love others just as you love yourself.

I am slowly learning that people treat you the way they treat themselves. If someone is being unkind towards you. It simply means they are unkind towards themselves.

Do you love yourself?

How do you treat yourself?

Are you kind to yourself?

And do you in turn reflect the love you feel for yourself onto others?

More often than not. The more unkind you are to yourself. The more unkind you could be towards others.

These days, I find myself cuddled up in a ball of tears if I treated someone poorly. I wondered why I felt this way and why hurting others hurt me in the process.

I then realised that it could be an area I’ve never forgiven myself in and that makes me lash out on others.

By lashing out onto the people I loved. I inturn hurt myself. I brought more pain. I brought more torture because of how I hurt the people I loved.

To hurt others is to hurt yourself.

Next time you use your words. Ask yourself?

Am I reflecting love towards this person?

If these words were uttered unto me. How would I feel?

Remember whichever form you hurt another human being. You in turn hurt yourself.

Be kind.

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