Our resident psychologist is here to remind us of the journey to healing. She is beautiful wise and gives sound counsel. Thank you Moe for writing such a beautiful piece.

We can get better, we can heal, we can be happy, we can have peace. But before we get there we need to go through a process called HEALING.

Embrace all the feelings the process comes with, somedays you will be okay. Other days you will not want to live, other days you will feel like you want to cry and scream and other days you will just be numb to everything. I understand, embrace it! 

Allow yourself to be present in your feelings, go through it. I say this because you need to remember what it felt like to be in that place and promise yourself never to go back there again.

It hurts, feeling like your heart is being squashed by your chest hurts. Feeling like you have nothing left but the trauma haunting you hurts. Feeling like no one sees your heartache hurts. Separation hurts. But the fact is no one can help you get out of that place but YOU!

Your mom can hold your hand, your dad can comfort you, your friends can be there for you and make you feel better, and your boyfriend/fiancé/husband can support you but when you go to bed at night and the room is dark. There is no one else there but you. You are left in your own thoughts and emotions and you need to decide.

You have two options, 

1. Work hard to get better or,

2. Be depressed and miserable for the rest of your life.

Healing is not easy, it takes the willingness of one’s self to want to get better.

Don’t hold back. Healing demands to be felt. Cry if you must, cry until you can no longer get a word out of your mouth. Scream if you must, even if your voice goes away. Do not hold back!

Someone did something that stuck with you negatively, and you know it will affect you in the future if you do not let it go.


We first allow someone to hurt us (TOLERANCE), then we go through separation either from them or the toxic behavior we experienced, then we have to start healing. Suffering mentally and emotionally is part of the healing process. That is why it is hard, there are a lot of demons you need to pass to cross that bridge. 

Whether healing from past traumas as a child, from the hurt your parents caused you recently, from your ex-boyfriend or whether you healing from your own negative thoughts in your head. THIS IS FOR YOU!

Healing is not for them, it is for you!

Healing does not need closure. You do not need to know why the person did what they did. You do not need to know why they left you, why they betrayed you or even why they hurt you. You need to forgive yourself!

Healing needs you to forgive yourself, even if you were not wrong forgive yourself for allowing yourself to let things get this far. Forgive yourself for putting yourself in this negative mental and emotional space.

Healing needs you to realize that even if you hold onto the past it will never be the same, it will never go back to that and holding on will not benefit you but make you miss nothing but memories. It all starts to fade away the further away the years get, it becomes a blur, a far-fetched memory, a dream sort of or even just a picture or video.

Healing needs you to acknowledge how far you have come and in that same breath you will see that you can make it further.



You will make it through, here is your verse of the day.

Philippians 4:6-7

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

By Moesha

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